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Robert R. Brown

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“Here is a time and place (Kansas, 1900) rigorously evoked, down to every minor character and filmic detail; and (happily) a passel of mules as real as mules get. I admit that Miss Royal herself, heading up the whole shebang, kept me up through a few nights.

Molly Gloss – award-winning author of The Jump-Off Creek and The Hearts of Horses

Miss Royal’s Mules is a nice mix of a good story with accurate historical events and details. The author’s rendition of a mule’s bray was spot on. (I could just hear Andy or Mickey, the two mules we worked when I was growing up.)”

Jim Hoy – Emporia State University English Professor, (retired) folklorist, author of Flint Hills Cowboys.

 “Irene Bennett Brown gives us a protagonist worthy of the breathtaking western landscape, and the challenges of heart and mind standing between her and her dreams. Miss Royal’s Mules was a joy to read.”

Ann Parker – author of the award-winning Silver Rush historical mystery series

“This compelling tale of a lonely young woman abandoned with a mule herd, in which her tenacity ultimately influences not only her own life, but also the lives of so many others, keeps you enthusiastically thumbing pages cover to cover!”

Meredith Hodges – television personality, author, and equine trainer.

“Fans of Irene Bennett Brown’s work will fall in love with Miss Royal’s Mules. It is a delight, moving, heartbreaking, and utterly unputdownable.”

Chris Enss – New York Times Bestselling author, The Doctor Wore Petticoats and Hearts West.

“I was rooting for this plucky and likable heroine and her mules all the way.”

Max McCoy – author of Indiana Jones adventures and award-winning westerns.

Miss Royal’s Mules is delightful and well-crafted. I loved it!”

Karen Casey Fitzjerrell – award-winning author of Forgiving Miss Effie Beck

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